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With the commitments to the customers"high quality,high efficiency and lower cost",No matter which industry you operate,GP MOULD knowledge on raw materi als and processing&manufacturing results in a fascinating products development from A to Z

Equipped with high speed CNC machines,Precision EDM,Precision wire.GP mould can reach annual ouput of 400 sets molds,The max weight is up to 30 Tons

Mold building standards include:

Mold steel:ASSAB(Sweden),A FINKL(America),GS(Germany),LKM(China)

Moldbase:DME,HASCO,FUTABA,LKM or equivalent

Hot runner:Mold Master YUDO,Synventive,Husky,Hasco,Incoe,Hottip,etc

Standard components:DME,HASCO,LKM etc